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 The ALL NEW adjustable slider - making DIY installation even easier.

The unique height adjustable slider is only availiabe for the SafaDeckTM system.

All SafaDeckTM safety grid DIY kits now come with the BRAND NEW height adjustable sliding support. This attaches to the legs and beam system making it easier to ensure the legs are the required height.

  • Quicker to install.
  • Easier than ever to make sure your SafaDeckTM pond safety grid is level.
  • The adjustable slider has the added benefit of allowing you to adjust the SafaDeckTM pond safety grid to a new level as your children get older.
  • Ideal for DIY installation.


What is the adjustable slider for?

The SafaDeckTM is supported by legs which are attached to beams which, in turn, support the grids. In order to ensure that the SafaDeck is at the required height and level the legs need to be at exactly the right height for your pond. The height varies from pond to pond and from leg to leg, depending on the shape and contour of the bottom of the pond.

Before the innovation of the brand new adjustable slider, adjusting the legs could be quite a tedious process and often meant that the leg had to be cut several times before getting it right – one of the most arduous tasks associated with the DIY installation!


Why does the adjustable slider help?

The adjustable slider is the component of the SafaDeckTM which attaches the beam (which holds the grids) to the leg. To overcome the tedium of having to adjust the legs by putting them in the water, measuring them, cutting them and repeating the process any number of times to adjust the leg until it is precisely right, we have developed the screw adjustable slider. This allows you to cut the legs once, to roughly the correct length, and then ‘fine tune’ the height by using the screw of the adjustable slider. There is no need to even take the slider off of the beam – you can simply turn the leg.


How much adjustment does the adjustable slider allow?

The all new slider allows height adjustment of approximately 7cm. This means that you only have to be accurate, when cutting the legs, to a matter of centimetres – not millimetre perfect!

What are the numbers for down the side of the adjustable slider?

There will be situations where the depth of your pond is the same throughout – the numbers along the edge of the slider allow you to adjust all of your legs to the same height (by using the numbers) meaning you can set up your legs before they enter the water.



Are the adjustable sliders safe in lined ponds?

In addition to the adjustable slider we have also developed a new DELUXE FOOT. We were concerned, when developing the adjustable slider, that any sharp edges on the foot could cut the liner when twisting the leg to adjust the height.

Although testing didn’t bear out our concerns (we haven’t managed to cut a liner yet!) we decided to be safe rather than sorry (our philosophy for our entire product range) and so developed the new deluxe foot. This has been designed to be both sturdier than ever (why not seeing as we were re-designing it anyway!) and has a rounded edge where the foot sits on the liner in an attempt to remove any risk whatsoever of cutting the liner.

SafaPond Direct's Deluxe slider


What is the additional cost of the new adjustable slider and deluxe foot?

We are including our new adjustable slider and deluxe foot with all of our DIY kits at NO EXTRA COST.

We are proud of our new products. We think that they are great innovations that make our product better and easier to install than ever – we want to share them with all of our customers and so are including them at no extra cost. We just hope that you are as pleased with them as we are.  

What about marginal shelves and shallow areas of my pond?

The adjustable slider has been designed to take this in to account too.

The design allows you to cut down the slider, threaded adaptor and the deluxe foot, as can be seen here. This still allows you some adjustment to the height, leaving you the useful adjustability at shallower depths.

Marginal shelves and shallow areas of ponds

SafaDeck Pond Safety grid patent pending adjustable slider

Make it safe, make it the SafaDeck 


Our customers' comments on the NEW adjustable slider.....

"Well I can report I found these very helpful as it was surprisingly difficult to get an acurate measurement due to the undulating pool bottom and the adjusters meant this would not be a problem.

Overall I am very pleased with the grid and can relax knowing my grandaughter is unlikely to come to any harm. Well done on producing such a great safety product." Mr Steven C, Lichfield. 


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