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How it works

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 Pond safety grid being installed.

 The patented SafaDeckTM pond cover comprises of grid panels (59cm x 49cm) produced in glass reinforced polymer  which are clipped into place on black aluminium beams. The beams themselves are suspended into the pond on strong but discreet support line, which extends through each beam and which is anchored to the outside of the pond. Different fixings enable the support line to be safely secured to any type of pond edge. The beams and grid panels can be easily cut to shape and extra componentsare available to protect pond liners from any cut sections. Grids can be removed from the pond by detaching the childproof retaining clips. This means that access is gained into the pond without having to remove the whole structure.

Also part of the design are the support legs for extra strength. These legs can be placed anywhere under the support beams and rest on coned feet to avoid damage to the liner. The legs can be easily cut to length to fit to the required depth.

 The grids, which can be placed either just below or just above the water surface, are lightweight and easy to cut, but are incredibly strong. Triangular holes within each grid are designed to allow most plants and fish to exist normally, whilst at the same time preventing a child’s head penetrating the water.



All components are UV-stable and have been tested to withstand the impact of the falling weight of an average 8 year old child. As you will see from some of the photographs on the site, the SafaDeckTM pond guard will normally support the weight of an adult.Because the SafaDeckTM pond grid is a modular design, ponds of almost any size and shape can be protected. Raised ponds, sunken ponds, round, oval, square and kidney shaped ponds can each accommodate the SafaDeckTM pond safety system. We haven’t yet found a pond that can’t be satisfactorily protected!

We supply on a regular basis to many different types of customer.

These include families with young children; primary schools; nurseries and playgroups; grandparents; foster parents; local authorities; people moving into new homes; Koi & pet enthusiasts, wishing to prevent Heron attacks etc. We also install the product throughout mainland UK and can arrange installations internationally.



 We will give you a choice regarding the positioning of the SafaDeckTM with relation to the pond's surface. Any water can be dangerous to small children and as a result both RoSPA and ourselves recommend that the SafaDeckTM is installed above the maximum water level -this way you can be sure that your children will not come into contact with any water. However, over the last ten years, many customers have asked us to position the SafaDeckTM just below water level, as it is evidently more discreet.

 We will carry out this request, up to a maximum of 2 centimetres below water, but only on the understanding that the risk is transferred to the pond owner – don’t forget – any water can be dangerous, and the SafaDeckTM is not a replacement for constant adult supervision – it is a barrier to entry into deep pond water to help keep children safe if they become temporarily unsupervised.


When it comes to the safety of your children there really can be only one choice – SafaDeckTM– Proven industry leader, providing quality and level of service that your children deserve.

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