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  SafaPond Direct Ltd original Patented SafaDeckTM  in detail.


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SafaPond Direct's Grid.

SafaPond Direct Ltd's SafaDeck Grid

The SafaDeckTM from the beginning was designed with kids in mind to stop children from entering the water. Careful consideration has been paid to the shape and size of the grid. Our triangular grid pattern has been designed with RoSPA's recommendationsthat the grid “should have a grid size of no more than 80mm x 80mm - this size ensures against entrapment.” As you can see from the image the SafaDeckTMmeets with RoSPA’s recommendations.



SafaPond Direct's Support Beam.

SafaPond Direct Ltd support Beam

The SafaDeck’s support beam has a patented profile allowing the grids to sit in the channels providing maximum security and rigidity to the modular grid system. The contoured profile has been designed to be fish friendly with no square edges. The beams have been powder coated black to provide maximum corrosion resistance, and to make them as discreet as possible.  


SafaPond Direct's Beam Cleat.

 SafaPond Direct Ltd's Beam Cleat

The beam cleat is a specially contoured cap used to finish off the end of the support beam. After the beam is cut to length, without the beam cleat it would pose a threat to the pond liner. The beam cleat has a central hole, through which the support cord is passed.


 SafaPond Direct's Grid to Grid Clip.

SafaPond Direct Ltd Grid to Grid Clip

The grid to grid clip brings together one grid in a lane with its neighbouring grid. These can be removed for servicing and easy access into the pond. These grid to grid clips add strength to the overall cover


 SafaPond Direct's Floating Beam Clip.

SafaPond Direct Ltd Floating Beam Clip

The floating beam clip is used to attach grids to the first and last beams in the pond imparting additional strength and regidity to the end beams.



SafaPond Direct's Beam Clip.

SafaPond Direct Ltd's Beam Clip

The child proof beam clip is used to clip the grid to the beam. Normally one beam clip is located in each corner of the grid, meaning on average 4 beam clips are required for each grid. Beam clips are also placed over any join in the beams. These specially designed clips were developed to allow repeated removal without failure, aiding routine maintenance of pumps and filters etc.... 



 SafaPond Direct's Cut End Bumper.

SafaPond Direct Ltd Cut End Bumper

The universal cut end bumper is used to protect butyl and PVC liners from any cut sections of grid. It has a smooth curved side and an open side.


 SafaPond Direct's Cut End Support.

SafaPond Direct Ltd's Cut End Support

The cut end support is used in the rare event when a section of grid cannot be adequately supported by beams on either side.


 SafaPond Direct's Sliding Support.

SafaPond Direct Ltd's Sliding Support

The sliding support joins the top of the leg to the underside of the beam. It slides along the beam so that a support leg can be positioned at any convenient point.


SafaPond Direct's Foot

SafaPond Direct Ltd's SafaDeck foot

The foot is inserted into the bottom of the leg section and rests on the base of the pond. Rounded edges of the foot prevent the foot from damaging the lining of the pond.


SafaPond Direct's Shield Anchor

SafaPond Direct Ltd's Shielded Anchor

The shield anchor is used in pond edges such as brick, solid slab edges or solid stone surrounds. A 6.0mm hole is drilled at the relevant point to receive the shield anchor.  The support cord is then passed into the hole and a simple knot tied to give added support to the ends of the beams.


SafaPond Direct's Ground stakes.

SafaPond Direct Ltd's Stake

An alternative to the Shiled Anchor the specially designed stakes are used to secure the support cord when there is not a solid fixing (eg. bricks or stones). These are made from galvanized steel and are 25cm long. The concave face of the stake faces the pond. The support cord passes through the central hole, then into the side hole, over the ‘U’ shaped cut in the top of the stake and down into the loop created. It is then tightened as necessary and hammered into the ground.


SafaPond Direct's Beam Joiner.

SafaPond Direct Ltd's Beam Joiner

The joiner has been designed to match the profile of the beam and helps position one beam into the next.


 You'll only fit one grid to your pond, so shouldn't you fit the best for your children?

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